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Dastoore Zabane Farsi az Didgahe Radeshenasi

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Translated Title: Persian Grammer
Author: Sh.Mahootian
Translator: M.Alamy
Publisher: Markaz
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Pages: 365
Weight: 750 (gr)
Size: -
Keywords:Persian,Farsi,Language,Persian language,Grammer,Linguistic
ISBN: 964-305-448-9

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Literature / Miscellaneous

  Edition: 1st
Published date: 1999

Ava Shenasi Zabane Farsi

Price: $ 16.99

Translated Title: -
Author: Yadollah Samareh
Translator: -
Publisher: Nashre Daneshgahi
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Pages: 208
Weight: 450 (gr)
Size: -
Keywords:Phonetics,Persian Language, Persian Literature,Yadollah Samareh,
ISBN: 964-01-0923-1

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Literature / IRAN's / Literature
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learning farsi
amoozeshe zabane farsi
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Author :  banayi, sedighe
Publisher :  ketab corp.
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عنوان : آموزش زبان فارسی
نويسنده : بنايی، صديقه
ناشر : شرکت کتاب

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  Edition: 5th
Published date: 2001
   Language: Farsi


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armenian traditional costumes
آرمنيين ترديشنال کاستومز
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ahvale shakhsiye az didgahe ghavanin
احوال شخصيه از ديدگاه قوانين
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انجيل عيسی مسيح (عهد جديد) : به زبان فارسی و انگليسی
barrasiye adiane salase [a study of three semitic religions]
بررسی اديان ثلاثه
pasokh be ayyoob
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enjile isa masih (ahde jadid) : be zabane farsi va engelisi
ISBN 0- 88264-333-9
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Publisher :  vom
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عنوان : انجيل عيسی مسيح (عهد جديد) : به زبان فارسی و انگليسی

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Language : English & Persian
Size : 5 x 8 inch.
Publication Year : 1999
Hard Cover : Yes
Weight : 1.5 lbs.
Volume 1 : 801 pages.
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A Grammar of Iranian Azari Including Comparisons with Persian.

Deghani, Yavar.Place of publication not listed: Lincom-Europa, 2002. Pp. 280

Abstract: A grammar of Iranian Azari. Consists of phonology, morphology, and the syntax of simple and complex clauses. Discusses the phonology, morphology, and syntax of borrowed words and, at some points, the constructions in the language are compared to that of Persian. Contains introductory information in Chapter 1 including a sociolinguistic description of the language, the language family, different dialects, and previous works on the language. Introduces the phonological system of Azari, including discussion of the phonemic inventory, phonological processes, including vowel harmony (using auto segmental theory) in Chapter 2. Deals with the morphology including derivational and inflectional suffixes, and underlying forms of inflectional suffixes, compounding and reduplication in Chapter 3. Discusses the syntax of simple clauses including the case system, constituent order, imperatives, copular, interrogative, and passive constructions, the distinction between complements and adjuncts, and morph syntactic borrowings from Persian in Chapter 4. Chapter 5 illustrates the syntax of complex clauses including Azari minimal pairs and texts are provided in the Appendix. [This abstract is based on information from the Lincom-Europa website




A Grammar of Contemporary Persian

Lazard, Gilbert&Lyon, Shirley A., trans. Costa Mesa, California: Mazda Publishers, 1992. Pp. 301.

Abstract: Extensive grammatical analysis of contemporary Persian. Text contains sections devoted to the phonetics, morphology, syntax, and word formation principles of Persian. The Persian writing system is also discussed. As vocabulary items are presented, they are given in Persian script, as well as transliterated.

The Persian language has up to the present been described principally in its classical form. Persian as it occurs today in an abundant literature is not identical with the classical language.

 Colloquial language diverges from it appreciably more; it merits all the more attention since not only is it the common language of the day-to-day relations of all classes of society, but also because the recent literary rebirth has caused it to penetrate ever further into the literature. This is why it is only legitimate to attempt a description of the grammatical system of contemporary Persian as it is written and spoken, based on the usage of Tehran. It is hoped that this grammar may be useful to those who teach or who study Persian, as well as to linguists wishing to get detailed information on the language of contemporary Iran.

The French version of this grammar was first published in 1957. In the meantime progress has been made in the analysis of Persian grammar. The author has since carried out some necessary changes in the original text.

Shirley A. Lyon's skillful translation of the original text into English renders this volume useful for all scholars and students of the Persian language



Persian Grammar Containing a Short Grammar, Dialogues and Extracts from Nasir-Eddin Shah's Diaries, Tales, etc. and a Vocabulary

Rosen, Fritz. New Delhi, India: Award Publishing House, 1979. Pp. 400.

Abstract: Originally published in 1898. An introduction to the Persian language for the beginning learner who intends to travel in Iran. Describes the origins of modern colloquial Persian (at the time of publication, 1898) in the introductory notes, which also discuss the influence of Turkish and Arabic languages. Divides the remainder of the book into three main chapters. Outlines the Persian alphabet and its pronunciation in the ten pages of chapter one, which provides a chart of the letters in their connected and unconnected forms. Describes parts of speech and basic grammar in the sixty-four pages of chapter two, which follows each explanation with example sentences in Persian script, transliteration, and English translation. Provides language practice opportunities in the form of phrases (twenty-three pages), dialogues (ninety-eight pages), anecdotes (nine pages) and excerpts from the diaries of the late Nassir-edin Shah (seventy-eight pages) in chapter three. Displays all writings in three columns--Persian script, transliteration, and English translation--and divides them according to topics relevant to the traveler. Includes such phrase topics as "Visiting" and "The Time and Hour." Dialogue titles include, "Going to the Bazaar," and "Dinner-time." The three anecdotes provided resemble proverbs which might be told in casual conversation. Excerpts from the late Shah's diary describe his travels in Europe and Asia. Also includes five-page appendix with lists of address terms, weights and measures (e.g. "a finger's breadth" and "the length of a horse's gallop") and money. Final 100 pages consist of an English-Persian vocabulary list which includes one-word definitions in Persian script and the transliteration.




Elementary Persian Grammar

Elwell-Sutton, L. P. New York: Cambridge University Press, 1972. Pp. 225.

Abstract: A parallel volume to "Colloquial Persian" by the same author. Consists of fifteen lessons, designed to provide the framework for the modern, written language. The first few lessons teach the script, and the subsequent lessons give the core of grammatical principles used in modern books and newspapers. Provides some impression of the idioms and phraseology of the modern language. In the second half of the book the exercises are in the form of continuous prose passages rather than individual sentences. English-Persian and Persian-English translation exercises are given, and paragraphs on

intonation and accent are included. The last two chapters discuss Persian word formation and the Arabic influence in the language. The appendices contain a short bibliography, information on the Nasta'liq and the Sekaste Scripts, and offers suggestions for further study and reading.

           Mr Elwell-Sutton's book provides a simple grammatical framework for contemporary written Persian. It is based on the characteristic idiom and phraseology of the language as it is used in newspapers, magazines and novels. The student is introduced to Persian script from the first lesson. Words are fully vocalized in the early lessons, but vowels are progressively discarded; they are, however, shown in the vocabulary. The letter-forms of printed Persian are used cursive scripts. Although the structure of the language is Mr Elwell-Sutton's immediate concern, he has given close attention to the need for acquiring a workable vocabulary. The examples and exercises thus require only a limited vocabulary of words in fairly common use - about 1500 in all. The student is also given help with pronunciation; at the ends of lessons sample sentences from the exercises are printed with diacritics showing the intonation and stress of each syllable. At the end of the book there is a key to the lessons.



Principles of Persian Bound Phraseology

Shaki, Mansour. Prague, Czechoslavakia: Oriental Institute in Academia, Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, 1967. Pp. 118.

Abstract: An examination of the features and theory of bound phraseology in Persian. Comprises four main sections: a general overview of the concepts that relate to bound phraseology; formal features and forms; the stylistic features; and a classification system. Uses examples to illustrate various salient features, most of them being idioms taken from Modern Persian, although some were taken from the Neo-Persian phraseology. Lists examples first in Persian, followed by a Romanized form, and a loose, literal English translation (e.g. Aheste-aheste / slowly, lit., slowly slowly; makos-marg-e-ma / dandy, lit., don't kill us upon our soul.) Contains a two-page list of the texts from which the examples were taken at the front of the book. Includes a two-page bibliography, half of which is written in Czech.

Available From: Oriental Institute in Academia, Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, Prague, Czechoslovakia



Grammar of Modern Persian

Boyle, John Andrew.Wiesbaden, Germany: Otto Harrassowitz, 1966. Pp. 111

Abstract: A grammar of modern Persian. Includes a chapter on the alphabet and pronunciation. Gives an overview of the grammar without providing exercises. Presents most examples in Persian script, with side-by-side transliteration and English translation. Discusses derivation and composition and explains the syntax. Devotes a fifteen-page section to Persian texts and provides fifteen pages of vocabulary in Persian alphabetical order.



A Short Sketch of the Grammar of Persian

Rastorgueva, V. S.Springfield, Virginia: ERIC Document Reproduction Service, 1964. Pp. 79.

Abstract: This grammatical sketch is a Russian-to-English translation of the appendix to B.V. Miller's "Persidsko-Russkij Slovar," Moscow, 1953. The first section presents a complete description of the sound and writing systems of modern Persian, the official language of Iran. Following sections deal with the parts of speech and simple, compound, and complex sentences. Appendix 1, an analysis of the lexical structure, concentrates on basic Iranian words, as well as Arabic and other loan words. Appendix 2 lists the most common irregular verbs. This 79-page article was published in the "International Journal of American Linguistics," Volume 30, Number 1, January 1964.



Dastoore Zabane Farsi - Panj Ostad

Abd al-'Azim Qarib ; [et. al...]





Dastoore Zabane Farsi

Parviz Natil Khanlari.




Persian Grammar

Lambton, Ann K. S.1960, paperback, 330pp

Contents: Preface; Introduction; Part I: Part II: Appendices; Keys; Index; Persian index. Grammar , textbook., pronunciation and the spoken language.



Dastoore Zabane Farsi

Mohammad Djavad Shariatsutton.



Zaban va nigarish-i Farsi: ba tajdid nazar

Hasan Ahmadi Givi et. al...:Tehran : Mutalaah va Tadvin Kutub Ulum-i Insani,1378[1999]

179 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.

Other Author: Ahmadi Givi, Hasa. Hakimi, Isma'il.Shukri,

Yaddulah.Tabatabi Ardakani, Mahmud.

Call #: PK6225 .K533 1999



Jumlah va tahavvul-i an dar zaban-i Farsi.

Farshidvard, Khusraw.:Tihran : Mu'assasah-'i Intisharat-i Amir Kabir, 1375[1996] 6, 556 p. ; 24 cm.

Notes: At head of title: pazhuhishi dar dastur-i

tarikhi vamu'asir-i zaban Farsi.

ISBN: 9640001899

Call #: PK6235 .F38 1996



Tarikh-i Zaban-i Farsi

Baqiri, Mihri.[Tehran] : Nashr-i Qatrah, 1373 [1994] 207 p. : ill., facsims., map ; 24 cm.

Series: Majmu'ah-'i funun va mafahim-i adabi ; 1

Notes: "Silsilah-i intisharat-i Nashr-i Qatrah--109"

--Series t.p.

Call #:PK6225 .B36 1994



Persian for Beginners = Farsi bara-yi mubtadiyan

Bashiri, Iraj.

3rd ed. Minneapolis : Burgess, c1981.3 v. : ill. ; 23-28 cm.

Notes: "This third revised edition ... brings together the results of the

experiments in ... Persian for beginners, 1972, and Persian: 70 units,

1975." -Introd., v. 2.

Contents: v. [1]. Pronunciation and writing -- v. [2] Tape

manual, with notes on grammar -- v. [3]. Reading texts.

Other Title: Farsi bara-yi mubtadiyan.

Call #:PK6235 .B33 1981



Zabanshinasi va Zaban-i Farsi

[linguistics and thePersian language. .Khanlari, Parviz Natil. 3d ed. Tehran : Iran Cultural Foundation, 1968] 301, [7] p.

Other Title: Linguistics and the Persian language.

History of the Persian language.

Call #: PK6225 .K53 1968



Dastur-i Zaban-i Sa'di : ulgu-i guftan va nivishtan-i Farsi-i durust va rasa

Izadparast, Nur Allah. Tihran : Danish, 1359 [1980] Description: 7, 22, 317 p. ; 25 cm.

Call #: PK6546 .I93 1980



Today's Persian (for foreign students)

Shirazi, Ja'far Mu'ayyid 2nd ed.Publisher: Shiraz, Iran : Pahlavi University, 1977- v. ; 24 cm.

Series: Shura-yi intisharat-i Danishgah-iPahlavi ; shumarah 50, 95.

Notes: Title on added t.p.: Farsi-i imruz.

Other Title: Farsi-i imruz.

Call #: PK6235 .S34 1977



Dastur-i Mukhtasar-i Zaban-i Farsi

Bassarai, Tal'at, [Chap-i 2] Tihran : Kitabkhanih-i Tahuri,[1977] 228 p.; 22 cm.

Call #: PK6233 .B356 1977



Dastur nanih dar sarf va nahv-iu zaban-i Farsi

Mashkur, Muhammad Javad. Chap-i 2. [Tihran] : Mu'assasah-i Matbu'ati-i Sharq [1961] 312 p.

Call #: PK6235 .M34 1961



Dastur-i jamah-i zaban-i Farsi

Humayun Farrukh, Rukn al-Din [Tihran] : 'A A 'Alami, [1958] 1207 p. ; 24 cm

Call #: PK6233 .H84 1958



Dastur-i zaban-i Farsi:ravish-i nu, Sal-i avval-i dabirstan'ha

Vizarat-i Amuzish va Parvarish,[Tihran] Vizarat-i Amuzish va Parvarish, Shirkat-iTab'va Nashr-i Kitabha-yi Darsi-i Iran, [1900?]. 104 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.

Call #:PK6233 .D37 1900z