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Dr Yavar Dehghani - Persian Linguist, Writer and Translator
Persian  Grammar
Persian pharsebook
Azari Grammar
I am a persian (Farsi & Dari) and Azari Linguist. I received my Ph D Iin Linguistics from La Trobe University at Melbourne in 1999. My dissertation was on the study of Azari (Azarbaijani) grammar in comparison with Persian, Turkish and English.I did my MA in Linguistics at Tehran University. I also have degrees in Education and Speech and Language Disorders.

I have been teaching Persian Linguistics, Persian as a second languge and English as a second language for several years in Iran and Australia.

Currently, I teach Persian as a second language, Persian translation, Grammar and Linguistics in the School of Languages, RMIT University, and the Centre for Adult Educaion (CAE).

I am an accredited NAATI translator for Persian (Farsi) and (Dari) and I work as a translator of Persian, Azari and Turkish with different translation agencies internationally.

My research interests are: Persian as a second language, typology of Persian, Azari and Turkish grammars and  Translation.

I have written three books in English on Persian. The first book is a comparative grammar of Azari, Persian, Turkish and English. The Second book is a grammar of Persian, and the third book is the Persian phrasebook. My recent work is a Bi-directional Persian-English Dictionary with transliteration which will be published soon.

I have also worked as a Speech and Language Therapist for several years in Iran and have written books on the area of speech and langauge disorders and Education. I have translated different books in this area from English into Persian which are published in Iran.
Persian-English-English-Persian learner's dictionary
IBEX Publishers
Si dars baraye darmane loknat zaban
Ekhtelal dar zaban va goftar
    Lonkante zaban
Kudekane estesnayi
Ekhtelalate zabani dar zabane Farsi
Tahavvole hafeze dar kudekan
Ekhtelale khandan dar kudekan
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